Our Mission 

In our vision, women-led enterprises are the unstoppable force reshaping the world, driving innovation, and propelling societal transformation. We firmly believe that women are the change-makers our world yearns for. We're not playing small - and neither should you.



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*NPS is  Net Promoter Score - the likelihood that a respondent would recommend W Venture to a colleague.

Our Story

We embarked on a quest to uncover the true impact of a women's entrepreneurship program. And guess what? It makes all the difference.

W Venture isn't your typical accelerator; it's the secret ingredient fueling the success of women-led companies across Canada. It's where the real magic unfolds. We've cultivated a vibrant community of experts and peers united by a common goal: driving each other to new heights. In a landscape rife with operational, financial, and leadership hurdles, entrepreneurs often find themselves underserved. But we're on a mission to rewrite this narrative.

Here, it's about more than just individual growth – it's about building a collective force, where shared wisdom, mutual accountability, and invaluable experience wrap around your venture like a protective cocoon. We believe in nurturing a community that accelerates not just businesses but the empowerment of women entrepreneurs themselves.

 W Venture has already empowered over 40 women-led startups to thrive. It all began in Victoria and Okanagan in 2020 and continued to flourish in 2022, thanks to our dynamic partnership with the Digital Supercluster, Accelerate Okanagan, the University of Victoria, and VIATEC. Now, we're taking what we started and making it even bigger and better.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, and let's redefine the future of women-led businesses, one success story at a time.


Unlocking women entrepreneurs could add a staggering $177 billion to the Canadian economy.  


The Partners


Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber

Managing Partner

Joanna is the go-to strategist when companies, organizations, and funders want to weave social purpose and sustainability right into their core. With a passion for turning visionary ideas into impactful realities, Joanna champions innovative solutions that bolster businesses to drive profound social change. She built multiple accelerators including League of Innovators, W Venture and the iHub. She actively contributes to a tangible future as the founder of Ideas for Impact Sustainability Agency, Chair of the Scale Institute, Executive in Residence at the University of Victoria Innovation Centre, and advisor to many impact startups.


Contact: [email protected]


Shelley Voyer

Managing Partner


Meet Shelley, the visionary strategist who excels at simplifying complex issues, uncovering gaps, and devising bridge-building plans. She has catalyzed growth for numerous startups as an EiR at VIATEC and Foresight. Shelley's contributions extend to her role as the driving force behind W Venture, a game-changing entrepreneurship program for women in BC. With a background that includes launching an acclaimed Zuzee online community for girls and working with industry giants like Nokia and Vivendi, Shelley’s expertise shines through as co-founder of Forge Experience Design & Research, a leading UX/UI consultancy.


Contact: [email protected]


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